phase 1: fencing

If fence removal is done by Taylor Made Pools & Spas, LLC, it will be scheduled at the time of excavation. If removal is through you, please notify us upon completion so that the excavation can be scheduled.

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phase 2: layout

Once you have approved the final drawing of your pool the layout process will begin. The outline of the pool will be spray painted on the ground per plan by our layout man. Any alterations to the placement of the pool or spa after this date will be subject to a $100.00 relayout fee.

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phase 3: excavation

Pool is excavated and laid out 6" larger than the finished dimensions in all directions. Forming lumber will be placed around the excavation of your pool or spa. This is to ensure a 6" x 12" bond beam. Removal of dirt will be done the day of excavation. If you need extra dirt for landscaping, please be present to direct the placement of the dirt. Any dirt left will be your responsibility to either use or dispose of.

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phase 4: plumbing & equipment set

Noncorrosive schedule 40 PVC with schedule 40 fittings will be used for plumbing throughout. If you currently occupy your home, the pool equipment will be set and placed per plan. If the home is not occupied your equipment will be placed at a later date.

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phase 5: steel

3/8" diameter steel reinforced rebar will be placed throughout the pool structure. Concrete spacers insure the steel is not against the wall or the floor of the pool. This system allows the shotcrete to be evenly distributed under the above steel. Our upgraded steel design includes a 5bar bond beam which greatly improves the strong structure of your swimming pool.

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phase 6: electric

Electric wiring and all grounding will meet and exceed National Electric Code standards. Ground fault interrupter devices will be installed for protection against electric.

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phase 7: city inspection

The gate must be unlocked for access. It is helpful if you notify us as soon as possible on status of inspection. Your cooperation in this area will be helpful in moving the construction process along without any delays.

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phase 8: Shotcrete

Pneumatically applied concrete is used create the pool shell. Unless otherwise started in your contract, the water curing of your pool is your responsibility. Water curing is critical and must be done three times a day for five days by spraying the pool shell down with water. This is done to prevent premature curing and to minimize shrinkage cracks in the shell. Please contact us if there are any questions in this important step of construction. They will leave a small play pool filled with concrete that will remain there until the Clean Up phase of construction.

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phase 9: waterfall and boulder

If you have purchased a natural rock water feature or natural boulders they will be installed at this time.

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phase 10: decking

All deck around the pool to be 4" minimum thickness cantilever. We use expansion joints of the most modern material available (not a felt expansion joint) that aid expansion and contraction of concrete, but also add decor to the beautiful surface of your deck. If you want to make changes to the deck design, they must be initiated prior to forming.

In expansive soil are as deck should be 5" thick with 1/8" wire mesh
(Additional charge will be incurred)

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phase 11: tile

If you have purchased tile, one row of 6" x 6" decorative tile will be installed around pool perimeter. All pools tile is frost proof and designed for swimming pools. If you wish to upgrade your tile selection, plea se make arrangements to do this prior to plumbing phase.

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phase 12: clean-up

Both the interior and exterior will be cleaned up at this time. Taylor Made Pools & Spas, LLC will remove all construction related debris, fill trenches and fill in tire tracks in the access area. Cleanup is a preparation for the interior installation phase and will be coordinated near the plaster date.

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phase 13: fencing

If the placement of the fence is by Taylor Made Pools & Spas, LLC it will be scheduled after the cleanup is complete. If replacement is by you, please call us upon completion.

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phase 14: preplaster inspection

This inspection will require that all of the barrier requirements be met prior to scheduling. Someone will need to be present at the inspection so that the city may confirm that the requirements are met and approved. Please call us with the results of this inspection, as it will be helpful in moving the construction along without delays. Depending upon the city you reside in some require access to house to check for doors and windows leading to the pool area to be to code.

theProcessStep (14).jpg

phase 15: interior finish

Plaster: Two coats pneumatically app lied white marble dust and riverside white cement. Plaster is hand troweled to a nonslip waterproof surface. Free tile chips inset in steps and benches. Once the p laster is complete, the crew will begin filling the pool and/or spa and you must have a hose available for them.

Pebble Tec: Pebble Tec will be applied one day. The following day the crew will return and do an acid wash. After this process they will begin to fill your pool. Please have a hose available. Because the slurry pit needs time to set up it will be removed two days later.

*Do not stop filling until your pool is full

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phase 16: start-up

When the pool is full please c all the office. At this time we will start equipment and install the cleaning system. Enjoy your new Taylor Made Pool.