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new design

It all starts with a plan. Our design team is devoted to customizing a master concept that will complement your unique outdoor space while meeting your desired function. We love to dream and explore possibilities with our clients while putting the pencil to paper. The dream is ultimately yours, and the utilization of our expertise can help nurture these ideas into a reality.  We offer various tiers of pricing for this service based on the level of detail that you desire - from a standalone pool and/or spa, to an all inclusive backyard design. We believe that our ability in this area is what sets us apart, and the effort spent here will ensure that your backyard transformation starts off on the right foot

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Renovation Services

  • Depth Conversions

  • Add a Baja or Tanning Shelf

  • Add a Spa

  • Add a Water Feature

  • New Interior

  • New Tile

  • Pool Equipment Upgrades (Eco Select):

    • Pentair Variable Speed Pump ($200 rebate from SRP or APS)

    • Pentair Master Temp Energy Efficient Heaters

    • Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter

    • NOTE: Eco Select brand identifies our “Greenest” and most efficient equipment choice

    • Our Pentair equipment comes with a 3 year warranty to cover parts and labor

  • Automation:

    • Eco Select Easy Touch Pool and Spa Control Systems

    • Eco Select IntelliTouch Pool & Spa Control System

    • Our Pentair equipment comes with a 3 year warranty to cover parts and labor

  • Lighting:

    • EcoSelect IntelliBright Automated Color Changing Pool & Spa Lights (features LED technology). Also available in white LED technology. LED lights are 79% more efficient.

    • Our Pentair equipment comes with a 3 year warranty to cover parts and labor

  • Deck Surfaces:

    • Acrylic Coats

    • Travertine Tile & Pavers

    • Natural Stone

    • Pavers (many colors, types and choices)


luxury pools

A “Signature Pool” is easily distinguishable from all others, and a far cry from the cookie­cutter templates used so often in the industry. Our vast experience and desire to challenge ourselves is what led to this passion of crafting in­ ground, concrete swimming pools that are not only visually astounding, but carefully engineered and built to last. The uniqueness is apparent in the creativity of each design, and the quality of materials that we use on each project. Powered by the latest technology in pool/spa automation.

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Custom Spas

A spa adds an enticing aesthetic and therapeutic appeal. Most of our pools include a custom spa, but they will often stand on their own. There is simply no better way to unwind, relax, or soothe sore muscles at the end of the day, and keep your outdoor investment functional throughout any time of the year.

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water features & fountain

A waterfall can elicit a response of awe and grandeur. It can also be the perfect element for a tranquil and calming atmosphere. Our goal with every project involving a waterfall is to simply mimic what nature does best when it comes to forming beautiful cascading waterfalls, combined with the gentle sounds of running water. On the other hand, we also love to manipulate the flow of water for those interested in a less natural, water park atmosphere. With either approach that you might take, a water feature is adaptable to any pool setting or outdoor concept, no matter how big or small the area may be. There is a universal appeal for all ages to enjoy.


outdoor kitchens

The possibilities are extensive when it comes to designing an Outdoor Kitchen that perfectly suits your style of outdoor cooking and entertainment. Whether you are a barbecue king, a gourmet chef, or just want an accessible wash station for your outdoor dining, we offer fully operational kitchens complete with a variety of appliances designed specifically for outdoor use to enhance functionality. Such items include Built­In BBQ Grills, Side Burners, Teppanyaki Griddles, Under­the­counter Refrigerators, Sinks, Ice Makers, Access Drawers for storage, and much more.

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fire features & lighting

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit becomes an area of social gathering that allows homeowners to connect with their loved ones and keeps their outdoor investment functional year­ round. Fire features are essential in combination with low­ voltage lighting to create a desired ambiance and safety for night­time use.


pool maintenance

Service Calls
Emergency or Non-Emergency Requests for Pool or Spa related issues.

Safety Cover Installations
While most of our pools are kept open to continue the visual aesthetic and functionality of their “Signature Pool” year round, some homeowners prefer to cover their pool before the heavy falling of leaves in Autumn. There are a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from to blend with the natural setting of your backyard.

Regular Maintenance Program
Weekly or Biweekly Service visits to maintain your swimming pool, spa, and/or water feature. Monthly fees are based on size, complexity of design, and the type of equipment that is installed. Please contact us today for a Regular Maintenance quote!

Monthly Maintenance Includes:

Regular removal of debris by vacuuming the pool floor, netting the top surface of the water, and emptying skimmer, pump, and leaf collection baskets.

Equipment Functionality (Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Heat Pumps, In-Floor Cleaning Systems, etc.)
All pool equipment needs to be monitored and serviced regularly for ongoing water filtration and proper sanitation.

Water Balancing
We stress the importance of keeping the water chemistry balanced. This is more than just keeping the water clear!  It is important not only ensure the comfort and safety of swimmers,  but to increase the longevity of the interior plaster or liner surface, and internal components of the pool equipment. Note: Some manufacturers void their warranty if there is not a properly recorded history of water balance.

Pool Chemicals
All chemicals needed to keep your water balanced are included in our flat monthly charge.

If we build your swimming pool or spa, we keep a record of warranties offered through various pool equipment manufacturers. While it is our standard to incorporate top of the line equipment and material choices in our projects, there is always the possibility of needing to address a defective product. We reference our warranty records to file a claim when possible in an effort to minimize expense to you, but in the event that your warranty is expired we are sure to let you know ahead of time what the cost will be on repairs and/or replacements. We strive to provide as many options as possible, and in certain cases supply you with the necessary information if you desire to take care of  it yourself.